Zenith 601 hds review

Zenith 601 HDS. Zenith 601 HDS; 601 HDS Video; STOL in 601 HDS; Flying in the Swiss Alps; Viktor's Sahara Desert flight; Viktor's North Cape Flight; Placing VGs on the 601; Zenith 601XL; ... Zenith 601 HD . I owned our Zodiac 601 UL TD three and a half years and I should have put VG's on it 4 years ago, the plane weighs 550 lb empty but was.

Zenith 601 wing problems. The aircraft is approved for on road traile... Stolspeed VGs on Viktor's HDS Popular since 1984, the ZODIAC CH 601 HD is the updated model of the original review on the Zenair CH601XL and CH650 is now complete by FAA You can read about it Builders Page for the.

These codes are valid for models ZEN100, ZEN300, ZEN350, ZEN400, ZEN425, ZEN450, ZEN525, ZEN700, ZEN725 and ZENDTV. | Programming Instructions | ZEN 100 through 725.




For my 601HDS such fairings have produced the following for a reasonable total weight produced by pilot and passenger Frank Do not archive From: owner-zenith-list-server(at)matronics.com [mailto:owner-zenith-list-server(at)matronics.com] On Behalf Of Jaybannist(at). Hi all, I have just looked at a plane that has been imported from the States, I would like to know what is involved in getting it in the air again. It seems in.

601 is a stable flyer and capable of good cross country flying, assuming the build was of good quality. I would recommend transition flight instruction from a CFI experienced with the 601. If you are considering buying the 601, contact the Zenith builder's group and find a couple of Zenith builders to look at the plane and give their opinion.

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